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Clean-up Campaign of December 2020.

There must be a place near your locality which has gradually degraded into a dumping zone, people started throwing waste and fed animals there.

The same spot was there near a playground. It was taking so long to clean that part of our locality, that we couldn’t wait any longer.
So volunteers of Prshni cleaned it instead.

Here is a quick glimpse of our city cleanup campaign.

What is a Clean-up campaign?

A Clean-up campaign is a step taken by Prshni Organization that intends to clean cities and educate people about carbon footprint and garbage segregation through weekly interactions and campaigns.

What happens in a Clean-up campaign?

Members of Prshni find a perfect spot and make sure that it’s safe for us to clean. Once this is done our volunteers reach the location with full enthusiasm and a vision to clean the surrounding environment. Leaders of the team instruct the volunteers and then we all begin with the cleaning part. We mainly focus on collecting plastic waste and non-biodegradable objects. Each volunteer individually starts filling their bags; In between the campaign, we learn various ways of recycling and reducing our waste.

What is the impact of such a campaign?

These campaigns indulge the younger generation into physically experiencing real-life issues and giving them an opportunity to learn skills like leadership, teamwork, and discipline.
More than 90kgs of waste is cleaned every weekend. Localities, parks, and roadsides are cleaner and are well maintained.
Through social media and online seminars, we spread the knowledge of composting, waste management, and recycling.

How can you join?

To join, make sure to follow us on our social media handles, you’ll get notified when there is a campaign in your City.

There are a few ways in which you can contribute-

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