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What is veganism? How should I start?

What is veganism? How should I start?

Did you know that veganism is not a synonym for being vegetarian? And if you do know, then you most probably saved yourself from an awkward conversation and possibly humiliation.

I used to think that people who are vegan don’t eat meat, just like us vegetarians. However, one day my friend refused to buy a beautiful leather jacket because she is vegan. Unable to understand I commented… “haha, who is asking you to eat the jacket”
It was embarrassing.

Wait, veganism is not just about eating preferences!?

Well after this whole incident I got really fascinated by the concept of veganism. As I searched more about it, I got to know that veganism is not just about what kind of food you prefer to eat…

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is a vegan diet?

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A vegan diet, similar to a vegetarian diet, does not include meat, eggs, dairy, or any other animal-derived items. It excludes all products that involve killing or cruelty to animals.

However, a person following this diet doesn’t need to be vegan.

Veganism is a lifestyle,
not a diet.

What is a vegan lifestyle?

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A vegan lifestyle is a way of life that opposes the concept of exploiting and killing animals for our personal use. Veganism exempts all animal products from food to clothing, in an attempt to limit cruelty to animals.

I want to follow a vegan lifestyle, how should I start?
The vegan lifestyle has gained so much popularity because of its health benefits, and kind aim. It’s so impressive that more and more people are joining this wonderful lifestyle and reducing the use of animal products.
Following are some simple ways through which you can start this journey!

1. Food
Let’s start with the basics. A vegan diet is a plant-based diet and is so diverse that you cannot possibly get bored of it.
To start with a vegan diet, you can first become vegetarian and then can gradually move onto veganism by cutting out dairy and eggs

Breaking the myth: vegans, like non-vegans, can enjoy pie, pancakes, burgers, tacos, etc, so don’t panic, you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite food! But, we will be switching to a more plant-based, healthy alternative. And trust me it’s equally delicious!

Pay attention to the ingredient list – avoid animal products, gelatine, rennet
Include – more whole grains, legumes, tofu, seeds, and beans
Remove all meat from the diet
Start replacing non-vegan food with vegan alternatives.

2. Cosmetics
If you have sensitive skin, then trust me vegan cosmetics are exactly what you need. Vegan cosmetics are made of natural and are organic, I bet it will do wonders for your skin. AND GUESS WHAT, IT’S CHEAPER!!!!

Do your research
Look out for logos and labels of the vegan society or a green symbol
Be conscious while shopping
Avoid animal ingredients such as keratin and beeswax

3. Clothes
I am sure that once while shopping you must have come across this beautiful top, that you instantly fell in love with. Did you check what it’s made of? I bet not. But now you must start being a little bit more cautious while you are shopping.

Start by slowly getting rid of what is not vegan
Purchase from a vegan brand, like ARTELLA, Aulive
Do not purchase leather, wool, fur, silk, etc.

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