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How to Break up with Plastic?

Plastic isn’t the future. NOW it’s time we should be saying goodbye to plastic!

“You are what you eat,” right? But are you aware that gradually, we are filling ourselves with material that does not decompose? On average, each human being swallows about 52,000 microplastic particles per year. (Soon, we all are going to turn into plastic mannequins !!? Eww)

Not only plastic is a threat to the environment, but also our health.

Lets us not ignore the fact that plastic is used daily and is insanely indestructible. It lasts a very long time, which makes it occasionally very useful. However, these properties come at a cost: Plastic lasts longer than you think!! Your great-granddaughter can drink from the same bottle as you did, and it will serve the same purpose. 

 If this rings a bell, here are some steps that can eradicate plastic from our daily life. 

Follow the 4R’s rule:-

Wait, wasn’t it 3r’s??

First and foremost, REDUCE.

Look for alternatives to use instead. Fortunately for you, this article is jam-packed with simple and effective ways to eliminate plastic from your life.

Refuse: When someone is offering you single-use plastics, politely decline. Make an effort to break the habit of accepting plastic.  Say no.

Reuse: If you still end up with a plastic item (which happens to everyone), REUSE it as much as possible.  

Recycle: As a last resort, RECYCLE your plastic items once they are no longer usable. Also, make sure you are recycling them properly.

RESPONSIBLE: If we take the responsibility into our own hands, I believe we can bring the change! We all can do this together.

List of items that can are replaceable or avoidable:-

  1. Straws– They are merely unnecessary. Instead, invest in a sleek reusable straw.
  2. Toothbrushes- Plastic toothbrushes are more durable than our teeth. Your teeth might fall when you turn eighty but, these brushes stay in perfect condition. 

Do we have any substitutes?

Yes, we do. There is a wide range of biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, and how can we forget MISWAK.

Solutions for You

Thrifting-  Heard of it before? Thrifting is one of the best ways to reduce waste production and save a ton of money. It can be extremely helpful in eliminating unnecessary waste and potentially help local communities. 

Carry a cloth bag: It is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you use while being environmentally conscious. It also makes shopping easier. You do not have to worry about bags tearing or breaking when carrying heavy items. 

Ps. Here is a pro-tip! Hang your cloth bags near your key holder.

Replace plastic bottles. – Use reusable stainless steel or glass water bottles. Try using Copper bottles instead. Copper has its miracles.

My dear friends, let us join hands together and get rid of this toxic relationship with plastic, and let us make everyone break up too. If not today, then it will be too late. So let us make these small efforts to stop plastic. Just break up and move on!!

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