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Climate Change: Where are we today?

What would we do if a cataclysm occurred tomorrow? Offer it money so it would stop?

In my opinion, the carelessness of humans towards the environment is growing out of a collective egoistic state of mind. One major concern today is Climate Change. 

What is climate change?

Climate change

Climate change, in simple terms, refers to large changes in global temperature, precipitation, wind patterns, and other climate indicators over several decades or longer. Climate change has already had an impact on the environment on a global scale. It has had a wide range of consequences in every region of the country, as well as in many sectors of the economy.

Consequences of climate change:

The effects of climate change are increasingly obvious, but we continue as normal. These effects have spread far beyond temperature rises, affecting ecosystems and populations all across the planet. It is the most serious threat civilization has ever faced, and global warming is also having an impact everywhere. Scientists had anticipated that global climate change would have the impacts they have predicted in the past.

Climate change

It is common knowledge that Humans are the primary cause of climate change. Global temperatures will continue to climb for decades, according to scientists and experts, owing mostly to greenhouse gases produced by human activity.

 Need for Awareness and Action on climate change:

There is an urgent need to assess the awareness regarding climate change in the general population as climate change worsens; dangerous weather events are becoming more frequent or severe. 

Ways to Spread Awareness about Climate Change:

  1. Share news on social media.
  2. Mention scientific research and evidence.
  3. Bring up real-life examples. 
  4. Talk about global solutions to the problem.
  5. Hang up awareness posters.
  6. Sign a petition for climate action or Donate to an organization.
  7. Give presentations about climate change.
  8. Volunteer with a community climate committee.

According to a new study published in the journal Energy and Environment, despite having a high degree of understanding about climate change and its effects, people are often hesitant to take action to change their behavior. The importance of one’s health is always a compelling case for taking action.

Everyday decisions about transportation and eating can help us minimize carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases!

Climate change

Have we entered a new phase of climate change?

A recent sequence of catastrophic weather has prompted researchers to investigate if the weather has gotten more chaotic. Taken together, the body of evidence suggests that the net harm costs of climate change are likely to be substantial and will rise over time. Climate change is already having an impact, and it is becoming more significant every day.

What can we do?

In order to satisfy our greed, we have become selfish. We don’t want to consider what we can do as citizens of this country or as human beings on this world to protect our planet from the effects of climate change.

But there is one thing we are quite good at passing the buck. Why should I be concerned about climate change or global warming? Such an attitude will not assist us in solving the problem, but will instead result in more catastrophic scenarios. 

While we need to acknowledge these negatives of humanity as a whole, we also need to be aware of the positives that humans embody. 

  1. We have the power of language and of communicating urgent needs and issues with each other at remarkable speed, over large distances. 
  2. Many of us instinctively want to help when we see someone suffering or in trouble. Now that humanity itself is suffering along with nature, we can channel our empathy towards change.
  3. When we work together, we often work better. Humans as social animals learn more in a collective setting. 
  4. Many of us are already taking individual steps to reduce the damage to the environment. Combine this with the previous point; these individual actions in a collective context can actually lead to things turning around.
  5. Organized, mobilized action is something we are also capable of, something that history is witness to. 
Climate change
Wind Energy

The point of all this is that although the environmental situation right now is quite grim, there are possibilities, true possibilities, for improvement. All we need to do is to take responsibility and begin. Saving the environment begins with us, and it is our responsibility to take action to reverse these devastating changes in order to preserve the earth for future generations. Thankfully, there is always something we can do to combat climate change. Things you can do right now are: 

  1. Be More Conservative with Energy Usage
  2. Recycle 
  3. Use of Renewable Energies
  4. Go Green
  5. Educate Yourself

I hope that this article helped you understand that climate change is a continuing reality today and that individual and collective action contain strengths that we do not yet know the full potential of. Let’s do this for ourselves and the future!

Climate change

So let’s begin with a simple equation today: Ability + Determination =? Let’s discover what we can achieve when we put these two together! 

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